• Voci di alta qualit per armoniche e fisarmoniche acustiche dal 1935

    Una voce di eccellenza
    per strumenti di eccellenza

    Voci di alta qualità per armoniche e fisarmoniche

    "I thought I had read about an island where the steamers intended to stop," Fred remarked.Fare le voci, a prima vista, lavorare il metallo con grande precisione: tagliare, rettificare, affinare, montare.

    Si lavorano parti in metallo per farle interagire con laria, perch le voci funzionano con laria e sono fatte per laria.

    The dinner consisted of stewed fish for the first course, and it was so thoroughly stewed that it resembled a thick soup. Then they had cold fish with grated radishes, and, finally, a composite dish of hard-boiled eggs, cut in two, and mixed with shrimps and seaweed. The table was cleared after each course before the next was brought, and the food was served in shallow bowls, which were covered to retain the heat. At the side of each person at table there were two cups. One of these contained soy, a sort of vinegar flavored with spices of different kinds, and in which each mouthful of food was dipped before it was swallowed. It is said that our word "sauce" comes from the Japanese (or Chinese) word which has just been quoted. The other cup was for sa-kee, a beverage which has been already mentioned in the pages of this book. They were not inclined to sa-kee; but the soy was to their taste, and Frank was especially warm in its praise.Ma il prodotto finale non la voce come oggetto. Il prodotto finale invisibile, sottile: il suono.

    "Oh, Arthur!" Her hand went up to pull[Pg 198] down his, for the moment, unwilling head. "Oh, Arthur, we will get married some day."Il suono della voce viene tramite la materia: pu esprimere una sensorialit, una vitalit, una luminosit, una bellezza che trasmettono qualcosa di speciale, di magico.



    Un nuovo paradigma di qualit acustica

    Che cos in concreto la qualit per una voce che funziona bene? Che cosa qualifica una voce per poterla definire una voce di qualit?

    Nei seguenti sette punti sono spiegati, al positivo, gli elementi della qualit che determinano il valore acustico delle nostre voci.

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